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Matteo Pugliese

Picture of Matteo Pugliese Matteo Pugliese is one of the most interesting and fascinating contemporary sculptors. Some of his works have been sold by the main auction houses - Christie's, Sotheby's, Pandolfini – always reaching good results. His works are warriors refined by classical suggestions yet prisoners of a brutal matter, seized during the culminating fight, the moment before liberation; explosions of contracted power sculpted into bronze.

Matteo Pugliese is born in Milan in 1969. In 1978 he moved to Sardinia with his family and, at the conclusion of his high school, he came back to Milan to attend University. He graduated in 2005 in Modern Letters with a thesis upon Art criticism. Since he was young he demonstrated an inclination towards painting and sculpture, fields which he analysed as a self-educated. He started his exhibitions in Milan in 2001, then realizing solo shows in Europe and Asia. His works have been presented at national and international exhibitions (Hong Kong, Madrid, Bologna, Milan, Paris) and are permanently exposed into Italian and foreign galleries (Rome, London, Lugano, New York, Brussels and The Hague). He lives and works between Milan and Barcelona.

Solo shows (selection):

Matteo Pugliese. Spiriti ostinati, La Versiliana, con Imago art Gallery, Marina di Pietrasanta – Lucca (IT)
Matteo Pugliese, Robilant + Voena, St. Moritz (CH)

Breath of Freedom, Bertrand Delacroix Gallery, New York (US)

AttrAction - Mariconti, Meyer, Pugliese, a cura di A. Redaelli, (catalogo), Galleria PUNTO SULL'ARTE, Varese (IT)
Gravitas, Casa d'arte Artribù, Roma (IT)
Serenissima Babel, Caffè Florian, Venezia (IT)

Passaggi, Imago Art Gallery, Lugano (CH)
Corazze, Fondazione Mudima, con Imago art Gallery e Artribù, Milano (IT)

SAMURAI GUARDIAN V, MAS Museum, Anversa, Belgio.
Matteo Pugliese - Sculptures, Wo-Men in Fine Art Gallery, Anversa (BE)
The Summer Of The Beetle, Galerie Noordeinde, L'Aja, Olanda.

Matteo Pugliese - Corazze, Casa D'arte Artribù, Roma. (IT)
I Guardiani Del Tempo, Imago Art Gallery, Lugano, Svizzera (CH)
Matteo Pugliese - Out Of The Wall, Sculpture Gallery, Bruxelles, Belgio (BE)

Matteo Pugliese - From The Wall And Further Tales, Kwai Fung Hin Art Gallery, Hong Kong (HK)
Heroes, Galerie Noordeinde, L'Aja (NL)

Giorgio Morandi, Matteo Pugliese: attraverso la luce, attraverso lo spazio, Imago Art Gallery, Londra (GB)

Matteo Pugliese e Walter Trecchi Galerie Noordeinde, l'Aia (NL)

Matteo Pugliese, Filip Kesteloot Sculpture Gallery, Bruxelles (BE)
Matteo Pugliese & Martin Palottini, Galerie Noordeinde, l'Aja (NL)
Matteo Pugliese, Extra Moenia, Teatro Lirico di Cagliari, Cagliari (IT)

Contraria-mente, Villa San Paolo, San Gimignano, Siena (IT)
Matteo Pugliese, Sculture, Galleria Pittura Italiana, Milano (IT)
De Ontsnapping, con Andrey Smirnof, Galerie Noordeinde, l'Aja (NL)

Prometeo sfida ancora gli dei, palazzo comunale di San Lorenzo al Mare, Imperia (IT)
Oltre il limite, Galleria Gagliardi, Taormina, Messina (IT)

Matteo Pugliese & M.M Gautier, Filip Kesteloot Sculpture Gallery, Bruxelles (NL)
Freedom, Galleria Gagliardi, San Gimignano, Siena (IT)

The Flight from the wall, Filip Kesteloot Sculpture Gallery, Bruxelles (NL)
Matteo Pugliese. Sculture 1997-2002, Galleria Il Castello, Milano (IT)

Extra Moenia, Spazio Orea Malià, Milano (IT)

Matteo Pugliese, Spazio McCann-Erickson, Milano (IT)

Group shows (selection):

Revenge, Palazzo Pepoli Campogrande, Bologna (IT)
Il segreto dei Giusti, a cura di M. Fontanesi, in collaborazione con Galleria PUNTO SULL'ARTE, Museo "Il Correggio", Correggio – Reggio Emilia (IT)
Winter Collective, Massey Lyuben Gallery, New York (US)

BAF, Galleria PUNTO SULL'ARTE, Bergamo (IT)
ArtVerona 2015, Galleria PUNTO SULL'ARTE, Verona (IT)

ArtMiami 2014, Miami (US)
Summer Collective, Bertrand Delacroix Gallery, New York (US)
New Masters, Heitsch Gallery, Monaco (DE)

High Quality selection, Basilè, Demetz, Galliani, Pignatelli, Pugliese, Samorì, Casa d'Arte Artribù, Roma (IT)
L'uomo selvatico o dell'eleganza dell animale: G. Ciulla, G. Vitali, M. Massagrande, G. La Cognata, Biffi Arte, Piacenza (IT) con Galleria Stefano Forni, Bologna (IT)

Sublimazioni: Aron Demetz, Tommaso Ottieni, Matteo Pugliese, Casa D'Arte Artribù, Roma (IT)
La profondità nel segno, Aron Demetz, Omar Galliani, Matteo Pugliese, Casa d'Arte Artribù, Roma (IT)

Le arti della seduzione, Alba Gonzales, Tommaso Ottieni, Matteo Pugliese, Casa d'Arte Artribù, Roma (IT)
Il corpo…il moto, S. Fiume, U. Attardi, Rabarama, A. Laurent, M. Pugliese, M. Attardi, Casa d'Arte Artribù, Roma (IT)
1906 – 2008, One Century of Italian Art, Imago Art Gallery, Londra (GB)

An Italian Vision, Imago Art Gallery, Londra (GB)
Contemporanea per il domani, (asta di beneficenza), a cura di Artribù, Teatro Sala Umberto, Roma (IT)
Art Keukenhof. Sculpture in the park, Keukenhof (NL)

Acqua, a cura di P. Donini e Daniela Del Moro, Gallerie Civiche di Palazzo Ducale, Pavullo nel Frignano (IT)

XXXIX° edizione Premio Vasto arte contemporanea, Musei civici in Palazzo d'Avalos, Vasto (IT)

Confini, La Fabbrica, Gambettola (IT)

Saluzzo Arte 2004. Pittura, Scultura, Grafica, Incisione, Saluzzo (IT)

Mostra antologica di Andrea Pazienza, Triennale di Milano (IT)

Alessandra Redaelli

Matteo Pugliese. Men and heroes.

The sensation of a contracted strength is the first emotion which seizes the audience when staring at Matteo Pugliese's Extra Moenia, bodies which carry absolute yet painful beauty. At a second glance, free associations come immediately to mind. Starting from Greek sculpture to Michelangelo, deviating towards the Santa Teresa by Bernini and landing upon contemporary photography, since Pugliese can be considered a traditional artist only until a certain extent. His strong men, who, silently shouting, spring from the wall which imprisons them, resemble -more than Phidias or Skopas- Robert Mapplethorpe's reinterpretations of classical sculpture. Or, even more, the perfect male bodies which Mapplethorpe glorified through the triumph of tense muscles and theatrical gestures brought at their highest level.

However, eroticism has no main role -brutally shown by the American photographer up to anatomical details- it is kept as a hidden allusion by the Italian sculptor, who emphasizes more a heroic and fighting virility. While his forms, proportions and gestures are classic, his sculpted faces are not. The beauty of the lineaments contracts for the effort of the struggling, through a too contemporary obviousness and actual urgency to be compared to the ancient sense of Olympian ataraxy. Moreover, the artist's belonging to present time is revealed by the rough matter which forms his bodies. The compelling temptation of caressing them crashes with the rugged bronze surface. Through a closer observation, the body appears hurt and tortured. Therefore the gesture is blocked by a sudden subjection. The instinct of grabbing the hand which stretches out of the wall collides against an unavoidable loneliness. The solitude faced both by heroes and men, during their daily struggle. Both ancient and contemporary. Timeless and, maybe, without redemption.

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