For the first solo show of 2019, PUNTO SULL'ARTE Gallery has chosen DANIELE CESTARI, a young artist, but with a structured and recognisable style. Thirty-five years old, from Ferrara, Daniele Cestari is a champion of the landscape. This is his key to interpreting reality. His are vast urban views, which play on potentially endless perspectives, where buildings reveal themselves as pretexts for a rethinking of the space; or iconic, monolithic mountains, lost in an elsewhere that renders them archetypal of the mountain landscape and bearers of implied symbols and meanings.
The silence of the barely whispered chromatic score - often played out with a reduced range of tones ranging from greys to whites or from browns to ochre - suddenly rings out in the scratches of colour, inconsistent stripes, thickening of matter that compel the viewer to rethink the image. And the pictorial material is never flat, but pained, encrusted, oozing. Sometimes the artist sets his painting over ancient papers, pages covered with neat handwriting from old notebooks, ancient administrative acts, broadening the time of the work to a distant past, shrouded in mystery, capable of transforming the image into an abyss of original suggestions. [read more]



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After the great success of his last private solo show in Munich in Germany, JERNEJ FORBICI now conquers NEW YORK.
Starting from Monday 11th February some of his works will be on show at the HUGO GALERIE, famous American gallery with which PUNTO SULL'ARTE has started a new collaboration.
The group exhibition will remain open until March 17th.


It is with great pleasure that we communicate that some paintings by CLAUDIA GIRAUDO will be exhibited at the Fabbrica del Vapore in Milan within the Stand for Girls exhibition.

The exhibition is part of the wider project indifesa - Art against gender violence, promoted by the Association Le Belle Arti - Progetto Artepassante in agreement with the international organization Terre des Hommes, which has been active for almost 60 for the protection of children's rights.
Curated by Elisabetta Longari, the exhibition is built around the concept of understanding and respecting diversity. The works by Italian and international artists therefore propose a reflection on different aspects of the female adolescent conditions in the world.