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Founded by Sofia Macchi in 2011, the art gallery PUNTO SULL'ARTE in Varese has established itself as a bench mark for collectors within the last few years. Its excellence has been rewarded by important acknowledgments: in 2013 it was already a member of the National Association of Modern and Contemporary Art Galleries, while in January 2016 it made its debut at Artefiera Bologna.

The philosophy of PUNTO SULL'ARTE is to support classical Italian and international painters and sculptors with contemporary sensibility and mastery, which is essential for the Gallery. According to this pattern, Sofia Macchi chose to promote artists like Matteo Massagrande, Alex Pinna and Annalù who, sharing the same deep Italian poetics, have now reached an international relevance.

Indeed, one of the reasons for its success is its international soul. As a matter of fact, the curiosity for what is moving around the world is a stimulus for fruitful relationships of collaboration with national and foreign Art galleries (from Northern Europe to the USA), always pursuing new and interesting artists. As in the case of Federico Infante, a young artist from Chile, who was deeply appreciated in New York and arrived at the Gallery in Varese for his European debut. A fundamental way of improving the relationships with artists, professionals and collectors from Italy and abroad is the assiduous attendance at Italian and International Art fairs, such as ArtVerona and the above-mentioned Artefiera in Bologna.

Placed in an Art deco building near the centre of the city, the 300 sqm Gallery space is allocated on two floors. The exposition rooms at street level are destined to on-going exhibitions, whereas at the upper level, through a clever and constantly changing set-up, a permanent collection presents all the Gallery's artists.

Clara Castaldo
ArteVarese 16 Novembre 2011
"Punto sull'Arte. Ed è subito tris"
Erika La Rosa
Varese News 17 Novembre 2011
"L'arte parte da un punto. Apre una nuova Galleria nel cuore di Casbeno"
Andrea Giacometti
Varese Report 18 Novembre 2011
"Punto sull'Arte, uno spazio nel cuore di Casbeno"
Mario Chiodetti
La Provincia di Varese 20 Novembre 2011
Il "Punto sull'arte" di Sofia Macchi. Apre la mostra delle NaturAzioni
R.R. Varese News 20 Novembre 2011 "Arte in città, nasce una galleria a Casbeno"
Arte Mondadori
Maggio 2013
Davide Balossi, tra donne esili e malinconiche
PHOTOGRAPHIES Alberto Bortoluzzi - Varese
LIGHTING Giovanna Olgiati - Castellanza
VISUAL IDENTITY Matteo Piuri - Milan
WEB&GRAPHIC DESIGN Fabio Granito - Milan