the gallery

Opened in 2011 by Sofia Macchi with the purpose of divulging the latest progressions within Italian and international contemporary art, the PUNTO SULL'ARTE Gallery in Varese is hosted inside an elegant Art Nouveau palace close to the center of Varese.

The Gallery is divided into two distinct exposition areas, the first floor being devoted to temporary exhibitions, whereas the second one lodges the works by permanent artists, and it has always dialogued with similar realities throughout Italy and Europe. Thus each artist, debuting or well-known, can be carefully followed and presented to the most important Art Fairs (among which ArtVerona and St-Art Strasbourg).

Each exhibition is set up with specific attention to the details, relying upon curators and professional critics and a rich illustrated catalogue and brochures.

Among the artists: Alex PINNA, Matteo PUGLIESE, Matteo MASSAGRANDE, Jernej FORBICI, Emanuele DASCANIO, Paola RAVASIO, Marika VICARI and Johannes NIELSEN. Since 2013 the Gallery belongs to ANGAMC, the National Association of Modern and Contemporary Art Galleries.

Clara Castaldo
ArteVarese 16 Novembre 2011
"Punto sull'Arte. Ed è subito tris"
Erika La Rosa
Varese News 17 Novembre 2011
"L'arte parte da un punto. Apre una nuova Galleria nel cuore di Casbeno"
Andrea Giacometti
Varese Report 18 Novembre 2011
"Punto sull'Arte, uno spazio nel cuore di Casbeno"
Mario Chiodetti
La Provincia di Varese 20 Novembre 2011
Il "Punto sull'arte" di Sofia Macchi. Apre la mostra delle NaturAzioni
R.R. Varese News 20 Novembre 2011 "Arte in città, nasce una galleria a Casbeno"
Arte Mondadori
Maggio 2013
Davide Balossi, tra donne esili e malinconiche
PHOTOGRAPHIES Alberto Bortoluzzi - Varese
LIGHTING Giovanna Olgiati - Castellanza
VISUAL IDENTITY Matteo Piuri - Milan
WEB&GRAPHIC DESIGN Fabio Granito - Milan